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About Us

UESPFA was founded in 2018, by  Asegedech Arias and Marcelino Arias, doing business as RAFIC (Refugee & Asylee Family Integration Center).  To empower single parents and to show a road map for newcomer immigrant families for better integration of new place, language, and culture that helps the children to understand and be aware of communication gaps with their parents.

Our Vision;

To empower immigrant families to adapt and create vital healthy family communication, that grows in a welcoming community to make our country the place of choice to live, to learn, and to work.

Our Mission

RAFIC, strives to provide services for Refugee & Asylee Families stability, by being dedicated to delivering effective, efficient,  advocating, orientations, and seeking proactive resources, with integrity and accountability using both proven and innovative methods that help the family become to be aware of parent learimg 

Our value:


We care about children and  Families that suffering from culture shock and Identity crises as having a gap of communication with their own parents,


 Our passion is to give orientation and awareness to newcomers’ families by providing the resource of information nurturing parenting classes, language classes, computer training, and Job training more resources.


 Through our effort and actions, we contribute toward creating a new place, to be a better place for future generations.

To promote the culture of integrity, compliance, and excellence.

Doing Business as RAFIC

Refugee & Asylee Family Integration Center

Core Values

Accountable, Optimistic, Caring, Collaborative, Dedicated, Faithfully, Honest, Respectful and Love

About the Founder

Asegedech Arias, is a firsthand experienced  single  mom, the struggles and triumphs as a great victory of achievement, as raising her son alone. Her journey as a single mom was not easy. Asegedech wanted to share her experience and to work toward building a new generation, by supporting single parents and providing  nurturing parenting skills to support children being raised  in caring home., that promotes;
1. Nourishes their self-worth
2.Their sense of personal empowerment and cooperation.
3. To teach the children that compassion is a family moral and value,
4. Treats children and everyone else in respectful non-violent, dignified ways.
She is passionate about educating single-parent families on techniques and strategies of how to break the hardship of parenting and how to get success

“No child left behind”

“We have Passion not position”

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