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Single Parent Families

Let's Build the next Generation

United Ethiopian Single Parents Family Association/ UESPFA, is a community based 501(C)(3) non-profit organization, founded in 2018. We provides nurturing parenting session and counseling  single parents and immigrant parents.

Our program focused on building the next generation. Children to being raised in caring home, that promotes;
1. Nourishes their self-worth
2.Their sense of personal empowerment and cooperation.
3. To teach the children that compassion is a family moral and value,
4. To treats children and everyone else in respectful non-violent, dignified ways.

UESPFA’s mission on children, that to connect the child with private and public enterprise resources to help minimize and eliminate, the growing rate of school drop outs, children suicide, drug abuses, exposure to mental illness, and so on.


UESPFA provides programs where parents can connect, network, to exchange knowledge and schedules. Also, UESPFA provides one- to –one counseling, and understanding of teenagers and helping parents to obtain skills, and assist with all information’s for better opportunities raising their children through an extensive network within the community.

UESPFA is assisting in empowering single parents and preparing them for a better understanding of psychological and parenthood responsibilities to continue supporting their children.

A place where children can meet and get extra help with schools such as counseling, discussion, reading, tutoring, homework assistance, handcrafts club, and different sports activities.